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The Emerald Coast's real estate closing partner

Closing experts serving the Emerald Coast

At Provident Title, we make hassle-free real estate closings and transactions our business. We have earned a solid reputation as one of Northwest Florida’s premier companies, delivering an uncommon level of quality, client support and attention to detail. We are committed to offering the flexibility and convenience clients need to effortlessly navigate the fluid, and often unpredictable, waters of real-estate transactions.

Deep Experience

More than 20 years In the title industry.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Setting a new standard for personalized service.

Commitment to Excellence

An uncompromising pledge to the highest quality and security.

What do our clients say?

Heather and Dan went above and beyond getting rhis one closed!!!

— Jennifer B. | Listing Agent | 01/16/2024

Morey did a great job handling my personal closing transaction. The team at Provident is TOP NOTCH!

— Heather M. | Seller | 01/16/2024

I love using Qualia for home closings. I’ve used it for our primary home and for a condo that we owned. Mr. Urban was very responsive and helpful with my questions. I find it to be very efficient and easy to conduct real estate transactions with Qualia. Thanks.

— Michael M. | Seller | 01/08/2024

Thanks, Morey, for keeping this closing on the fast track. Great work on this quick close.

— Linda C. | Selling Agent | 01/02/2024

Top Notch Team!! First Class Service!! Thank you!

— Scott S. | Selling Agent | 12/29/2023

Prompt service. The closing process was very efficient. The entire Provident Title team was very responsive to my questions which allowed for a very smooth process.

— Daniel H. | Borrower | 12/20/2023

I would highly recommend this exceptional title company. The pros are pros and they work seamlessly together to bring about a successful closing. It was my second time working with them and was very happy that I did.

—Delanne B. | Listing Agent | 11/12/2023

Thanks to Provident Title for a smooth transaction. It was a team effort with contributions from Morey, Heather, Dan and Joanna. I was well informed throughout the process and you were flexible enough to advance the closing day at the last minute. Looking forward to many more transactions with Provident.

— Jason G. | Selling Agent | 12/08/2023

Out of town closing and everything went smooth and on time with good communication!!

— Grady E. | Selling Agent | 12/08/2023

After watching our growing Provident team first-hand for a while, I recently had my first transaction them and fellow agent, Wanda Jackson. Morey, Heather, Dan and Joanna did a great job tending to my sellers and the buyers. I’m glad to say that Provident is now a part of my team.

— Scott E. | Listing Agent | 11/28/2023

From Contract to Closing, there isn’t a Title Company I trust more with my clients.

— Wanda J. | Selling Agent | 11/27/2023

Everyone was organized. The closing was very efficient.

— William S. | Borrower | 11/14/2023

As always the team at Provident Title go above and beyond! Not only do they close on time, if not early, they truly care about both the buyer and seller and the agents involved. Thank you Provident Title!!!

— Wanda J. | Listing Agent | 11/13/2023

Joanna was very patient with us and explained everything we needed to sign.

— Carol W. | Borrower | 11/02/2023

I had a very nervous, new to investment ownership, buyer. Unfortunately, his physical reaction to stress is to panic and become a bit confrontational. The folks with Provident were adept at soothing him/putting his fears to rest. I would highly recommend Provident Title and look forward to future closings.

— Cherie H. | Selling Agent | 11/19/2023

Morey is a wonderful addition to the team! Her communication was top notch and Heather got us closed on time smoothly. Thank you!

— Kim G. | Selling Agent | 10/19/2023

Morey was wonderful and the closing went seamless.

— Phil S. | Selling Agent | 9/29/2023

Provident did a great job with our closing on 5302 Parkside at Henderson. I’d HIGHLY recommend them for any closing needs.

— Dwayne J. | Selling Agent | 9/28/2023

Really helpful and limited effort on my part

— Andrei G. | Borrower | 9/26/2023

Really helpful and limited effort on my part.

— James R. | Seller | 9/15/2023

The Provident Title team was amazing to work with. Thank you for providing superior customer service in resolving complicated title issues for my client. Heather and Morey were always ready to help at a moments notice and their communication was top notch! I can't thank you enough for going above and beyond to make sure this transaction was as smooth as possible. You're the best!

— Jerri Ann G. | Selling Agent | 8/5/2023

Great closing with excellent service!

— Robbie R. | Listing Agent | 8/4/2023

It was wonderful working with you!

— Betsy H. | Listing Agent | 8/4/2023

Great closing experience. Everything was conducted efficiently and professionally!

— Riccarrdo Y. | Seller | 7/10/2023

Super easy, efficient, fast remote closing!

— Monique D. | Borrower | 7/6/2023

Lisa Schaffer was a joy to work with! She's competent, professional, solution-oriented, thoughtful in communication, and has a great sense of humor!

— Laurie H. | Listing Agent | 5/24/2023

Communication was great! Anytime we asked for information Lisa was quick to respond.  Everyone at Provident was professional and very friendly.

— Dolores D. | Borrower | 4/24/2023

Provident Title continues to provide the best service to my clients as well as myself.  They are very timely, professional, rapid response in returning phone calls and overall have excellent customer satisfaction.  Great job!

— Donna C. | Listing Agent | 4/12/2023

Lisa and her team at Provident Title always go above and beyond with my closings!  On this one, I had both sides of the transaction and they were responsive and helpful every step of the way!  I LOVE working with such a professional team!

— Wanda J. | Listing Agent | 3/30/2023

The Provident Title team was FANTASTIC.  The are professional, efficient knowledgable and most importantly a real pleasure to work with.  I couldn't be more pleased with how great Provident, and mainly Lisa, was.  They were always available to immediately answer any question or concern that either I or my clients had.  Without a doubt I would recommend Provident Title.

— Steven C. | Selling Agent | 3/27/2023

Great experience and the title team did all the work and made this closing easy and efficient.  Nice to have a team that was willing to come to us for the closing.

— Gregory F. | Borrower | 3/9/2023

Provident never ceases to amaze me! Thorough, trustworthy, efficient, and phenomenal in every way. I have had several closings with Provident and not one thing has deterred my liking. Thank you all for everything you do!

— Carlie G. | Selling Agent | 2/14/2023

Everything went smoothly - that is all you can ask for - Thank you!

— R. Doleshek | Borrower | 1/27/2023

I am very pleased how quickly y'all did things behind the scenes. I also really like your website and how everything is documented on the site and communication happens quickly and securely.

— G. Burkham | Borrower | 1/19/2023

Having been in the real estate business for over 18 years, Provident Title absolutely made this closing very successful and stress free closing. Their rapid responses, ability to answer all questions, honesty and integrity is something you do not see very often. I will definitely tell of our great experience with Provident Title to everyone. Thank you Joanna, Zhanna and Lisa for your professional services!

— D. Cates | Borrower | 1/6/2023

Provident Title was wonderful to work with. They were communicative throughout the entire transaction, and timely getting back to us when we had questions. They were very professional and made the entire home buying process very smooth.

— C. Knudsen | Borrower | 12/15/2022

Clear communication.

— W. Lawson | Borrower | 11/10/2022

Everything went very smoothly and everyone at the Provident Title was pleasant, professional and responsive. Thank you for the excellent closing experience.

— M. Webster | Listing Agent | 10/25/2022

Absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much!

— C. Stubley | Selling Agent | 9/14/2022

Very easy process, everyone was great to work with! Thank you!!

— R. Neitzke | Seller | 9/2/2022

Lisa is fantastic!

— C. Cameron | Seller | 8/15/2022

Lisa and team worked efficiently and patiently with my elderly buyer as we helped him navigate his cash purchase for a new home and safer living environment.  While he required printed documents and not just digital communication, they accommodated accordingly and he is over the top excited that he was cared for so well.

— W. Jackson | Selling Agent | 8/6/2022

Great working with Lisa! Another smooth transaction completed.

— P. Pate | Selling Agent | 7/19/2022

Excellent, timely, and friendly service from beginning to end from Lisa and Zhanna! Notably, the buyer/wife on this purchase is an RE atty in LA - and she isn't known for her 'soft touch.' Zhanna and Lisa handled correspondence interaction w/her with grace and pleasant professionalism throughout; very impressive! Thanks again for a great closing!

— D. Marks | Selling Agent | 7/1/2022

Lisa and Zhanna are both incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with. My clients were happy with their experience as well and loved the personal attention.

— T. Brown | Selling Agent | 5/27/2022

Very knowledgeable and cooperative people and the numbers were right the first time!

— W. Houston | Borrower | 5/23/2022

Closing went very smoothly!!

— B. Gray | Borrower | 5/23/2022

I love working with Lisa and her team!! They are excellent and very professional!

— D. Shoults | Listing Agent | 5/19/2022

Great job on this one.
— R. Jones | Listing Agent | 5/16/2022

Great service. Thanks.

— Tom G. | Borrower | 4/29/2022

Great service.
— Susan P. | Borrower | 12/2/2021

All great!
— Ariel L. | Listing Agent | 11/2/2021

Great service!!
— Liz M. | Selling Agent | 9/17/2021

Just exceptional service.
— Patricia W. | Borrower | 9/14/2021

Watercolor closing went well. Buyers had what they needed from title early and smooth transaction.
— Shelby R. | Selling Agent | 9/10/2021

Provident Title stays on top of each transaction and Lisa Schaffer is a great closer! Very patient and willing to take time to explain any questions the client may have.
— Christina P. | Selling Agent | 8/3/2021

Let us make your real estate transactions fast and hassle-free.

Provident Title can walk with you through every step of real-estate transactions, from managing the closing of a new home to the sale of an existing home or a refinance of your current loan. Our licensed title agent is ready to apply the knowledge, skill and personalized service needed to ensure projects are completed timely, securely and in compliance with real estate law.

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